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The Fragile - CD
The Fragile - Vinyl

PLAYED LIVE: 14 times.

2006-03-31 - Key Club at Morongo
2006-03-13 - Knoxville Coliseum
2006-03-10 - Mullins Center
2006-03-02 - Colisée Pepsi
2006-02-23 - Allen City War Memorial Coliseum
2006-02-18 - Kemper Arena
2006-02-14 - Resch Center
2006-02-11 - Eagle Ballroom
2006-02-10 - UIUC Assembly Hall
2000-01-15 - Castle Hall
2000-01-14 - Pacifico Hall
2000-01-12 - Bay NK Hall
2000-01-11 - Bay NK Hall
1999-11-20 - Libro Music Hall


This is how
It begins
Push it away and it all comes back again
All the flesh
All the sin
There was a time when it used to mean just about everything

Just like now

Breathe, echoing the sound
Time starts slowing down
Sink until I drown
(Please) I don't ever want to make it stop

And it keeps repeating
Will you please complete me?

Never be enough
To fill me up

Watch the white
Turn to red
It fills up the hole but it grows somewhere else instead
All my life
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, but it just left me dead
(Well guess what?)
The world is over and I realized it was all in my head

Now everything is clear
I erase the fear
I can disappear
(Please) I don't ever want to make it stop

You can never leave me
Will you please complete me

Never be enough
To fill me up